21. marraskuuta 2012


Footbag Finnish Open 2012

Footbag Finnish Open 2012
Foot­bag Fin­nish Open 2012 is ta­king place in few weeks, so it’s time re­lease the sche­dule and re­gi­stra­tion info. Fin­nish Foot­bag As­socia­tion is or­ga­nizing the tour­na­ment in Rus­kea­suo Sports Centre in Hel­sinki (map) on Decem­ber 8th and 9th. The Fin­nish Open will be is an IFPA sanc­tio­ned tour­na­ment and, as its name sug­gests, open for any­one, re­gard­less of ci­tizens­hip, gen­der or age, to com­pete in. So, you’re more than welcome to join the 16th an­nual FFO 2012!

Pre­mi­li­nary sche­dule:

Sat, Dec 8th @ Rus­kea­suo Sports Centre

(10-11 Net: Set up)
11–12 Net: Warm-Up
12–21 Net: Singles & Doubles pools & brac­kets

Sun, Dec 9th @ Rus­kea­suo Sports Centre

11–12 Net: Warm-Up
12–14 Net: Doubles se­mi­fi­nals & con­so­la­tion matc­hes
14–18 Net: Doubles and Singles fi­nals & 3rd place matc­hes
TBA Frees­tyle events (rou­ti­nes, sh­red 30, circle)

Please re­gis­ter by fil­ling this form. Re­gi­stra­tion clo­ses on Wed­nes­day, Decem­ber 5th, and there will be no late or on-site re­gi­stra­tion. So please act asap. The entry fee (cash only) is 20 eu­ros, re­gard­less of the events you plan to at­tend.

If not enough players re­gis­ter for a women’s or in­ter­me­diate event, eve­ry­one will com­pete in the Open ca­te­gory. All net matc­hes will be played with straight (rally) sco­ring and all matc­hes will be best of 5 ga­mes and played to 15 points. All frees­tyle events will take place on Sun­day. Sche­dule for frees­tyle to be an­nounced.

If you want to have a tour­na­ment t-shirt, please re­gis­ter by Decem­ber 29th Wed­nes­day 28th No­vem­ber. The t-shirt costs 10 eu­ros.

See you soon!

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